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Ross, CA, USA
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Ross, CA, USA


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Posted February 23rd

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We are planning a refresh of our Wix website. We seek feedback on the site and advice on the most important elements to focus on first -- for brand consistency, content, and attracting donations.

Additional Context

Our organization, Cedars of Marin, has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities since 1919. Our website address is We believe people go to our website for 1) information about placing a loved one at Cedars; 2) to learn about our events (including viewing regular art exhibits available online and in our downtown San Anselmo gallery); 3) to donate; 4) general interest in our organization (e.g., volunteering, employment). We are looking for advice on the consistency of the branding/look of the site; how to make content more compelling and effective, organization of the site. We could also use advice on SEO w Wix.

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About The Org

Posted by
Jeanne L.

Director of Development

Our Mission

The Cedars of Marin offers a high quality of life to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to foster independence, defend dignity, and realize each person's full potential to have a creative, productive and joyous life
The Cedars of Marin offers services and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Cedars promotes an optimal quality of life in our residential and day programs to increase:
o Self-dependence
o Productivity
o Well-being, and
o Inclusion

What We Do

Cedars provides over 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a home. We have 10 groups homes and a large residential facility that is home for 50 adults. Cedars has 3 day programs serving over 160 adults providing them with opportunities to be artist, weavers, gardeners, cooks or to go into our surrounding community to do charitable work.


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