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Wai C.

Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen's Mission is to create economic opportunity through careers in food.

What did Wai need?

This project will allow us to connect better to our members that speak Bengali as their primary language, thereby giving them an opportunity to take advantage of a safe financial service.

Loved it.
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Angana B.


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Jun 30, 2020


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Angana B.


Passionate, energetic and driven - with competencies in business and human resource * Successful Management - Responsible for the employment life cycles for 1000+ employees. Created value in streamlining career goals & aspirations of employees, from interns to leadership, in varied industrie...
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What did Angana have to offer?

It's a cause for women: It's in my mother tongue, and I would like the organisation to save a whopping $7000 I have never done translation work: I speak 5 languages )English Bengali Hindi Spanish German).

The translation was returned so quickly! Thank you Angana!
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Wai C.

Volunteer Manager


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