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Tamara M.

Girls in the Game

At Girls in the Game every girl finds her voice, discovers her strength and leads with confidence through fun and active sports, health and leadership programs.

What did Tamara need?

This project would help me to communicate during internal and external meetings, orientations, and events. I lead a lot of meetings and would like to improve my verbal communication skills.

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Jun 25, 2020


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Julian L.


Julian Leonard is the founder of The JLeonard Group LLC based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a Public Speaking Coach, Julian helps entrepreneurs, public figures and small businesses develop their content, figure out what to say and how to say it, and display overall confidence while speaking on the stage.

What did Julian have to offer?

When leading meetings, people are looking to you to be polished. Yes, you must be organized and prompt, but leading a successful meeting also includes being a confident public speaker. Being that you already lead a lot of meetings, I can provide you with helpful tips and ultimately boost your confidence in your verbal communication skills. If you are looking for testimonials previous comments have left on the bottom of my LinkedIn page! Between my Toastmasters International Experience & Professional Public Speaking Experience, I've been able to interact with an array of different audiences. I've found that practically anyone can build beneficial relationships and help change the world by articulating an idea. For the last five years, I've worked towards achieving this on a weekly basis. Public Speaking is my WHY! I find great joy in helping others perfect their message and improve their public speaking skills.

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