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Lynne K.

Baltimore Hunger Project

Baltimore Hunger Project is dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by feeding bodies and minds. We are bridging the gap between Friday and Monday by consistently providing weekend food packages to children identified as food insecure, in a compassionate and digni...
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What did Lynne need?

Childhood hunger is an epidemic in America, especially when schools are closed and on the weekends. We would like to create greater awareness and understanding about food insecurity, its effects on children, health implications, etc

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Jun 20, 2020


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Clarissa R.


I am a science-loving individual who also has a passion for working with people. I have my MS in Biology and I currently lead a team at an agricultural research facility. In the past I have worked as a writing coach for ESL students and also as a biology instructor. In my spare time I enjoy runni...
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What did Clarissa have to offer?

Working in agriculture research, we often discuss how we are contributing to the broader cause of "feeding the world". We're developing stronger crops that will be able to withstand droughts and the effects of climate change to help bring greater food security to regions that need it. The Baltimore Hunger Project has the same goal that I am passionate about - increasing food security for those that need it. It goes at this from a completely different angle, a more people-focused angle. I'm very excited to find a cause that incorporates both research and food security! I have been working in or assisting with research for the past 8 years. I have worked on mainly science-focused projects, such as how fertilizer impacts plant species in wetlands. I have also worked on with people-related projects, such as using the Writing Center's data to quantify its impact. Over the years I've done primary data entry, data digitization, and data analysis. I also am very comfortable working with technology and online platforms.

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