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Maria A.


Mobilizing skilled volunteers to deal, in joint action, with social and community challenges and needs in Israel, overseas and in non-industrialized countries

What did Maria need?

I'd like to brainstorm ideas for improving our website after we made a variety of changes to our volunteer programs and about the design in general to make our message clearer.

Maria and I discussed various aspects of the websites for Topaz and IMPROVE. She was very responsive leading up to the call, and she asked great questions. I enjoyed our conversation!
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Vin M.


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Jun 15, 2020


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Vin M.


I enjoy helping nonprofits maximize their impact. I have an engineering background with an MBA. My past experience includes both organizational strategy and detailed operations (e.g. accounting, websites, data, technology, and processes). I most recently served as the COO of a nonprofit, wher...
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What did Vin have to offer?

I've helped manage websites as part of my professional roles, and also as a volunteer. I'm familiar with HTML and CSS, and have developed sites on Wordpress and Squarespace. I've also done basic graphic design. From helping run a nonprofit, I have a sense for the different audiences that nonprofit websites need to serve. I'm also aware of the tradeoffs involved in web design decisions (e.g. cost of platform, ease of use, maintenance, etc.). I've visited the Topaz website and I have several suggestions (navigation, structuring the content, etc.) that should help with communicating your message.

Talking to Vin helped me in an extraordinary manner to understand how to improve our websites. He was extremely well prepared for our talk and it was easy to talk to Vin and to discuss with him various aspects of my work. Thank you a lot for all your time and help!
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Maria A.

Volunteer Manager

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