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See how Milo D. helped NATAN on a Video Editing project

Daniel K
Daniel K.
Milo D
Milo D.
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Jun 15, 2020
Hours Given
40 Hours
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What did NATAN need?

Milo helped NATAN by editing, enhancing and compiling existing raw video footage into a final deliverable optimized for email, the web or social media.

Why is this project important?

NATAN-IHA is struggling with two main challenges: recruiting volunteers around the world for Humanitarian operations and raising funds. Our experience in many disaster zones is remarkable but our visibility is very low. We need the professional tools to convince our donors and give our volunteers the credit they deserve. We participate in various events, the videos will be our business acrd.

This project will save us $5,422, allowing us to Send two volunteers for a natural or human-made disaster relief project wherever required. We deploy medical and psychological teams and cover their expenses. They work in remote places for two weeks.

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Daniel K
Daniel K.
Final Product
Photography / Video
Cause Areas
Disaster Relief
Diversity & Inclusion
tel aviv, Israel

What did Milo have to offer?

An accomplished professional with a wealth of expertise leading teams, business management, content creation, and video production.

Skills Include:
Content Writing, Video, and Photography Editing, Video and Film Production, and a strong command of Adobe CC tools. Business Analyst and Project Management skills include Six Sigma certification, PMP methodologies, and MS office software expertise.

Photography & Video
  • Experience in producing and editing videos
  • Experience with creative development and script writing
  • Access to video editing software
Milo D
Milo D.
London, United Kingdom

What did they have to say?

Working with Milo is a real pleasure. He is very professional, very quickly understand the need and the message we want to carry. The result is two versions of what we believe to be highly attractive videos (short and long). Milo reacts extremely quickly, making the work as if we were sitting in real time around a table. our organization, NATAN-International Humanitarian Aid operates for 16 years, it means many places, various skills, a mission, a specific approach: summarizing all these in a 90 seconds video was a challenge, Milo did it beautifully, Thank you very very much.

Daniel K

Daniel K.


I had an excellent experience working with Danny at NATAN. In the initial meeting, he was clear with the project requirements providing example material. During the discussion, he was open to my ideas and suggestions on the final product. He was quick to provide the needed material for the project and responded quickly when any follow-up questions were asked. As we worked through the project each status check, he provided clear feedback in a friendly and informative manner.

I found the organization to be a pleasure to work with and as always it is rewarding to spend my time working on projects such as this with a goal to provide help and services to those in need around the world.

Milo D

Milo D.



NATAN - International Humanitarian Aid is an Israeli NGO (website: )responding to natural and man-made disasters in places like Haiti, Nepal, Philippines, and Mozambique with since 2004 offering medical, technical and psychological help. NATAN-IHA is an all-volunteer "civil society" organization. NATAN employs no paid staff. It has about 800 volunteers who undergo training and are prepared to respond to natural disasters and other calls for service.
NATAN is multicultural, multifaith, and multidisciplinary, operating to save lives and rebuild communities during times of disaster and atrocity, and their aftermath.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

We are continuing Abie NATAN's mission. Abie was an iconic Israeli humanitarian, well known for his combat for Peace, he created and animated the Voice of Peace, a ship anchored in International water and broadcasting rock music and messages of peace

This is the 3rd project posted by NATAN.

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