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Leoni G.

Humble Smile Foundation

Humble Smile Foundation's mission is to help prevent suffering caused by oral diseases by developing and sharing effective and sustainable models of oral health promotion for communities with high unmet needs. We do this by managing and supporting oral health outreach projects that promote hygien...
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What did Leoni need?

Children in South African townships do not have access to appealing information about how to stay healthy, which is especially crucial during lockdown and in the context of the Corona pandemic. These informative materials often contain Western images. Therefore, together with a cartoonist, we will create an appealing health campaign and curriculum for children in South Africa's townships. The volunteer will help with first steps needed (writing an appealing text) to raise funds for this project.

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Jun 18, 2020


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Vivian M.


I am a former journalist turned User Experience designer and my passion is to work with socially conscious businesses in a way that makes their authenticity shine! Naturally, I'm an overachiever so I specialise in two things: 1. I can create content that speaks to your ideal clients and tur...
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What did Vivian have to offer?

I really clicked with what you said about how all the promotional flyers are based off Western campaigns and I think it's so important to have a campaign that you can actually identify with I love that you said you wanted to tell a story too - I think a lot of companies forget how important storytelling is in gaining loyalty and trust I hope that I can help you tell that story My current website is being developed currently but feel free to look at my old website to get an overall idea I've also included my Linkedin. I'm a former journalist who has re-pivoted to now design as well. I am a Native English speaker with experience writing and editing. I always preferred being called a storyteller - I believe our stories are what truly connects us.

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